The Man is a Marine

Honestly, I was blown away by the response to my previous post about my brother. It was posted in a few facebook groups for the families of the young men in my brother’s company, as well as being seen by my own friends and followers. I had so many people thank me for writing it, and apparently it made quite a few people cry (Sorry about that!). Some of the family members of other Marine recruits thanked me for being able to put it into words.

The process of tearfully writing that, and other peoples’ gratitude only made finally seeing him sweeter. After three long months of letters and loneliness, I flew out to California to celebrate with my family and some close friends. And though it was a celebration, I won’t lie, there were tears. Partially because of jet lag, partially because of relief.

It was odd to see him again. His voice was partially gone, his bearing had changed, and he’d lost quite a bit of weight (and he didn’t have any to loose in the first place). I had expected all of that, I suppose, but it was still different. As the days passed, he relaxed a bit, and we’ve all been delighted to see that his humor hasn’t changed or disappeared.

He’s still my brother who teases and protects me, but he stands taller and surer than he used to. He still cracks jokes with his friends, but there’s a deep, steady pride in him when he talks about the Marines. He’s still the same… but he’s changed. And it’s a good change.

I’m so proud.

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3 thoughts on “The Man is a Marine

  1. As a Marine veteran myself and as a Christian who’s now a Pastor, I’ll keep your brother in prayer. Congratulations with his completion of boot camp.

    • Thank you for your prayers! God has certainly been watching over him through the past few months, and I know he will be with him through the next stage of the journey as well.

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